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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Kids Club open for the public or only currently enrolled children? Or just for children who attend Mission Viejo Christian Church?

Kids Club is open for everyone, whether you are currently enrolled or would like to join us! You do not have to be a member at MVCC to be enrolled in Kids Club.

What age does Kids Club start at?

The State of California licenses Kids Club and requires children entering Kindergarten and 4 years, 9 months to be enrolled in both school year and summer camp.

How do I register for Kids Club Summer Camp?

To enroll in Kids Club, simply click on the registration icon on either the home page, after-school page, or summer camp page here on this website. 

How are Summer Camp groups organized, and can my older child be placed in the same group as my younger child?

Kids Club makes groups by children's ages. We want to encourage all children to be with their peers with the same social skills and abilities and have multiple times every day to play with other children from other groups here at camp.

Do the Kids Club leaders apply sunscreen to my child throughout the day at camp?

Kids Club cares about the safety of all the children in our care and also has safe boundaries for the staff. Therefore, we will encourage and remind children to reapply sunscreen throughout each day at camp. Please make sure to pack sunscreen in your camper. 

Are children allowed to bring spending money to camp?

Children are allowed to bring spending money on our Snack Bar days on campus to purchase snacks, candy, and drinks. We do not allow spending money on excursions to allow children to enjoy the theme park and all the rides and attractions.

Are children allowed to bring personal electronic devices to camp?

Children are permitted to bring personal electronic devices; however, they are limited to usage time and, if found using them in inappropriate behavior, will be confiscated.

What if my child is not a good swimmer? 

We take water safety very seriously. In our parent portal, you can disclose your child's swim ability to inform us beforehand. We also check in with the lifeguards and have our staff supervising and in the water while the children are swimming.

What times do I have to drop off my child and pick up my child from camp?

Kids Club opens at 7:00 am and asks for all children to arrive by 9:00 am unless noted on the weekly calendar for excursions. Our daily activities end around 4:45 pm, and we close at 6:00 pm.

If my summer plans change and I need to drop an enrolled week, how do I do that?

We understand that plans change. Email us requesting to drop a week at least two weeks in advance and please note you will be charged $25

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